Are you completely new to header bidding? More than 80% of publishers already employ header bidding to maximize their advertising revenues. Join the header bidding revolution and start earning additional money immediately. With our full service for publishers, setting up header bidding is a piece of cake.

We help publishers set up header bidding using the latest technologies and standards. Our service consists of configuring Prebid and AdServer(s), setting up different demand sources and their bidders and testing the header bidding setup to ensure proper operation.

We provide you with a managed wrapper solution built on Prebid standards. In addition to performing the technology setup, we also advise you on how to select the most appropriate inventory for header bidding, optimize your business model not to lose any direct deals and optimize AdOps to get the most out of header bidding and other revenue streams.


Server-side header bidding is a newer process that is very similar to client-side header bidding. The difference is that the requests are sent from a central server rather than directly from the user’s browser. This offers publishers all the advantages of header bidding, but at the same time saves them from many of the problems associated with it – latency being one of them.

iPROM Prebid Server is a fully managed prebid server solution that includes implementation, maintenance, and analytics, as well as consulting support for publishers with their own tech resources. iPROM works with users to enable client and/or server-side header bidding across web, AMP, and mobile app channels, and supports display, video, and native ad formats.

We do the heavy lifting, so you get fast and seamless auctions at scale.


iPROM’s Prebid Adapter enables us to programmatically buy premium ad inventory across your sites and can be easily added to your existing header bidding partners. Add iPROM Prebid Adapter as one of your demand sources and let us compete for your inventory alongside other bidders. iPROM Prebid Adapter integrates demands from various sources:​

Let us start winning bids on your site, so you can immediately earn additional revenue.​


iPROM Programmatic Video solutions are built for optimal efficiency in the complex video ad landscape. iPROM provides a complete video ad serving platform that empowers publishers to streamline workflows while maximizing yield and allows easy video ad management.

We connect you to multiple demand partners, such as SSPs and ad exchanges to provide video publishers with diverse demand sources. This way, media owners receive more bids, empowering header bidding video demand to compete with your ad server video demand. Prebid video demand can be incorporated into instream, outstream, and long-form video slots.


iPROM Holistic Yield Optimization service is an ongoing service that consists of recommendations for optimizing website layouts and ad positions, optimizing the portfolio of demand partners, defining and optimizing the inventory pricing strategy, and similar yield optimization services to maximize your advertising revenue.

iPROM’s top yield experts never stop working on maximizing each impression on your website. They make sure you make the most out of new advertising technologies and programmatic ecosystems until you realize your ultimate goal of yield optimization - achieving the best price for every one of your ad impressions.​


From site layout to choosing the right tech stack, meeting compliance, and employing the latest technologies for maximizing revenue, we have you covered. You can focus on creating content and growing your audience. Here are some of the services we provide for publishers:

Partner with iPROM to get access to unique local, regional, and international advertising demand. We have direct relationships with advertisers and demand partners so we can leverage our insights into how they work and what they want.​